Commercial Generators

What is a commercial generator?

A commercial generator keeps your business's power on during an outage. They are larger than portable generators used for a home. They are generally installed outside of a business, similar to an HVAC unit.

Why should my business consider a commercial generator?

  • Having power during a major outage can mean the difference between profit and debt.  
  • Retain power to industrial refrigerators and coolers and save food (and money).
  • Keep security systems online and your business protected.
  • Keep IT networks, servers and important data safe and accessible.
  • Continue to power HVAC systems and ensure your business stays comfortable.

How do commercial generators turn on?

When power fails or drops below an acceptable level, the automatic transfer switch (ATS) on the generator system senses the change and instantly moves from standby to power mode. When utility power is restored, the ATS reverts back to standby and power is supplied by normal means.

Want more information?

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