About Power Generation and Control, Inc.

The mission of Power Generation and Control is to provide exceptional customer service while selling, servicing, repairing, and installing emergency power systems. 

Power Generation and Control, Inc. wants to ensure that the care of our customers is always top priority. PG&C believes that if our customers' needs are being met, they will not only continue to do business with us, but also help grow our reputation with other companies. Second only to customer care, our focus will always be exceptional service and repair of emergency power generating equipment. 

Derek Digh


I was trained to work on power generating equipment by the United States Marine Corps, and served four years performing this job. I was the floor chief at my unit for the last year of my term. This entailed managing sixteen Marines during all repair of generators, water purification equipment, and refrigeration equipment. I am a licensed electrical contractor, and have the capability of not only servicing and repairing power generators, but can install them as well. Having spent the past seven years as a civilian, repairing and servicing emergency power equipment, I've talked to many customers about their needs, and about what they liked and didn't like about past service providers. I've never lost one of my customers, and I truly believe it is because I ALWAYS put the customer first. 

Power Generation and Control, Inc.
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